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The English are considered the international language par excellence, the first option to communicate when one travels to a remote country where the local language is not spoken. We hear it on television and in movies, in music, in every international event. It is practically the wildcard to be understood all over the world. But this does not mean that learning it is an easy task.

The first impression that the English are positive, it is grammatically very simple and Basic. Tenses and conjugations and structures are piece oa f cake compared with other languages. But immediately one discovers the "dark side" of the language, and the chaos of the pronunciation, where it seems that the exceptions are the rule. In most of the languages, you learn quickly that certain combinations of letters are always pronounced the same way, and so one can read a word I did not know before and anticipate how to pronounce. But the English tend to confuse students. For example, the words "cough," "although" and "through" end exactly with the same four letters, but each pronounces different. "Food" and "flood" sound very different too, as well as "weak" and "steak." Why so are similar words pronounced so different? It gives the impression that there is to learn all the words of memory, instead of learning the rules of pronunciation. At the same time, there are words that are written in different but are pronounced as. I'll never forget the story short I learned in one of my English classes:

"There was a man named Wright who wanted he are Wright to write"Wright" right." So Wright Wright taught to write "Wright" right. "Now Wright writes"Wright" right, right?"

The reason why English has this kind of irregularities is that this language had a difficult childhood. It is not a language that had a source defined by a single root, but it is a confluence between the old Anglo-Saxon languages and Celtic, and even a bit of Latin. The island of Great Britain was invaded and inhabited by different currents through the years, and this gave. As a result of an equally multifaceted and original language as we know it today.

It is easy to underestimate the English at first, but requires the same dedication and effort than the other languages to master it, is why that Trusted Translations we ensure that our resources have the knowledge and experience required to maximum quality in each of our translation and localization projects.

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